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Danish Property Federation

Address: Noerre Voldgade 2, DK-1358 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Tel: (+45) 33 12 03 30
Chairman: Henrik Dahl Jeppesen
Vice chairman: Boris Nørgaard Kjeldsen
Board members: 21 
Staff: 30

Brief History and Role

The Danish Property Federation has its origin in 1860. The Danish Property Federation is the trade association of the Danish property industry, representing owners, investors and managers of commercial and residential property. 

The Federation’s role and purpose is to assist its members in their aim to sustain and expand their businesses. Members will seek to work in a spirit of partnership with occupiers to meet their requirements and add value to their businesses. The Federation will identify issues of private ownership and management of property, particularly those of legislative or regulatory nature. It will consider their implications, obtain the views of members, agree the industry’s response and promote it to Government and other regulatory bodies.

In addition, the Federation will seek generally to create a better appreciation by Government and the public of the important contribution made by property industry to the economic and social well being of the nation.

Principal activities


The Federation represents the private property owners’ and managers’ interests by means of contact with politicians and the media. The Federation is also the principal Body consulted directly by Government about proposed legislation affecting the private property industry.

The Federation monitors all relevant proposals for legislation to ensure that members are well informed and advised on developments affecting the Danish property industry. Formal written submissions are backed up by frequent meetings with members of the Government and Parliament. The Federation also maintains contact with organisations representing other sectors of the property industry and its customers.

Close links are maintained with the media, enabling the Federation to represent the interests of the members on television, on the radio and in the national and trade press. The Federation also maintains contact with organisations representing other sectors of the property industry and its customers with a view to promoting mutual understanding and co-operation wherever possible.


Membership of the Danish Property Federation gives access to a number of services.

One of the main tasks of the Federation is to improve the members’ knowledge so that they are well prepared for their business. The Federation runs a private education on laws and regulations of private property and on property management, and it promotes the establishment of the public Danish education on property investment and management. The Federation also runs a hotline where members free of charge can get legal advice on issues concerning commercial and residential property.

The Federation holds meetings, seminars and several Annual Conferences for the exchange of ideas and information in the property industry.

Economic research

The Federation initiates and supports research and development activities on property investments. The big Danish property investors the Federation has created the system of benchmarking for costs and returns on Danish property investments (Dansk Ejendomsindeks). In co-operation with Danish property brokers the Federation runs a statistics on vacant commercial property.


The Federation is governed by the National Congress, which is a statutory body. The National Congress makes decision yearly about the policy and budget of the Federation and chooses the members of the Board. The Federation frequently establishes ad hoc working parties made up of members to look at subjects of particular interest.

Principal areas of policy

  • Principal areas of policy
  • Commercial property law.
  • Residential property law.
  • Taxation.
  • Finance.
  • Accounting.
  • Planning and Construction.
  • Energy and Environment.
  • EU Affairs.


The Federation publishes the professional magazine Huset (The House) eight times a year with articles written by various specialists.

Membership includes

The Federation represents 2,000 individuals and 1,500 companies who own and manage commercial property and apartment buildings in Denmark. The companies are:

  • Property investment companies.
  • Property development companies.
  • Property management companies.
  • Real estate mortgage companies.
  • Pension funds.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Banks.
  • Major private and public corporations with important property interests. 

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